Cyber security for blockchain leaders

6 module course

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  • MODULE 1: Staying a step ahead of hackers, understanding the threat & appreciating the risk
  • MODULE 2: The Foundation of a Cyber Secure Blockchain Business
  • MODULE 3: Leading Cyber Security within fast paced agile development teams through practicing DevSecOps
  • MODULE 4: Essential tasks before release to the public
  • MODULE 5: Prioritize Risks
  • MODULE 6: Prepare for hackers

Details of how to access the course are on their way to you, enjoy!

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Our Cyber Security Services

Our business is dedicated to the blockchain industry, cyber security & blockchain are passions of ours.  We want to help as many blockchain businesses become successful by not suffering devestating cyber attacks, data breaches and massive digital asset theft.

Penetration Testing

Our Certified Ethical Hackers can perform simulated cyber-attacks against your IT assets to identify vulnerabilities that hackers & cyber-crime groups could exploit

Cyber Security Consulting

Before you begin your blockchain project, during your development or after you have launched your blockchain business we are here to help you at every step of your journey

Managed Security

Increase you or your teams cyber security awareness with our online & onsite cyber security training dedicated and tailored to developers & managers with blockchain businesses


“Our team are more aware of the threats & attacks targeted towards blockchain businesses like ours, BSS showed us attacks we did not even know were happening.”

Paul Giganti, Atlas.Work CEO

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