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Our passions are Cyber Security & Blockchain

01. Strategic

We offer customers strategic cyber security consulting that will see them through years of successful growth.  We can work with founders and executive management or leaders throughout your business for long term success.

02. Professional

Our team act in a professional capacity at all times.  Each member of the team aims to build professional relationships and work to show clients they can be the trusted advisers they need at all times.

03. Loyal

Cyber Security is important to successful modern blockchain businesses.  Having a team of experienced cyber security professionals acting as trusted advisers is extremely important when dealing with millions and potentially billions of dollars worth of digital assets.

We are loyal to our customers and will go beyond traditional service level agreements to ensure you stay secure and protected from hackers.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We are one of the fastest growing cyber security companies focused on blockchain businesses.


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Cyber Security Professionals that are passionate about Blockchain

patrick lismore

CEO, Founder & Certified Ethical Hacker

Patrick has been developing software for 15 years, for the last 6 years he has been deeply involved in Product & Solution Security.  From Threat & Risk Assessments,  Secure Architecture & Design, to secure coding & Penetration Testing.  Patrick has taken his passion for cyber security and blockchain and combined this with his skills and experience in developing secure products and solutions to launch Blockchain Security Services 



What We Do Best

Cyber Security consulting

Let us be your trusted partner in Blockchain Security

penetration testing

Our team of Certified Ethical Hackers will simulate a cyber attack from hackers to identify your vulnerabilities before the real hackers and cyber criminal groups find them

cyber security training

We provide a number of online and onsite courses tailored specifically towards founders of blockchain businesses, developers leading blockchain projects or those within management of blockchain businesses.  We can help you and your team build the long lasting skills needed in this fast paced duruptive industry

Threat & Risk assessments

When performed early in the development life cycle this can generate essential security requirements that can help shape your secure architecture and design.  A Thret and Risk Assessment is ongoing activity for understanding what your highest priority risks are and shows a consistent and through process for risk management

Incident response

We can help clients deal with targeted cyber attacks, intrusions or data breaches.  If your blockchain business is suffering from hackers speak to our team.  We can also help you develop a responsive incident management plan and process so that you are ready for any incident that might arise in the future

managed security services & threat Intelligence

For a few dedicated customer we can manage several aspects of a blockchain businesses cyber security program

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